Struggling to locate debtors?

Debt Collection

We help debt collectors and debt recovery agents make contact fast.

No more sifting through outdated information. No more incomplete or inaccurate records to discard. With our cutting-edge technology we provide top-quality tracing, data cleaning, data updating and data enrichment services which help you find those debtors – fast.

No more handovers. No more unpaid commissions.

How well do you know your existing customers?

Sales and Marketing

Do you have their correct contact details?
Do you know if they might like a new service or product?
Could you use your existing database to increase sales?

We will analyse your data, check that it is correct and help you determine the profiles of your existing customers and their product preferences. We will help you design a strategic approach in targeting customers who are eager for your new products and already loyal to your brand. This will allow you to cross sell and maximise sales within a familiar customer pool.

Our profiling work enables you to increase conversions and boost productivity.

Are you head-hunting and looking to fill a position?


Our database of contacts can help you locate and make contact with candidates in an instant. No need to work through your extensive network. No need for complicated online portals. All you need is a name and you will have their details in an instant.

GoVault offers you the ability to search by:

  1. A name and surname combination.
  2. Old telephone numbers a potential candidate may have had on their CV.

Estate Agents

MyCE offers agents individual property ownership records as well as bulk suburb data on request.

Need to locate a homeowner? Want to increase your sales and boost your customer retention?

We help estate agents make quick and easy contact with prospective buyers and sellers through our state-of-the-art online tracing portal, MyCE.

MyCE is affordable, easy to use and provides:

  • the complete list of properties registered with the deeds office
  • contact details for current property owners linked to these properties
  • information on how long an owner has owned the property
  • Customer relations Management Software called MyCE available now

With approximately 30 000 estate agents in South Africa, you need an advantage like this to leap ahead of the pack.

We will help you:

  • Easily find the contact details of a homeowner when you search for a specific address. This will allow you to set up meetings with current sellers and market your services to them.
  • Meet homeowners in a specific area and offer your services for a future sales and rentals.
  • Improve your retention of existing customers with scheduled flags and reminders to contact individual homeowners at preset intervals.
  • Improve your overall sales record and increase your commission rate.


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