• Deceased Validation

Knowing your Customers Deceased Status gives has many advantages such as;

  • Deterring Fraud
  • Protecting your brand name by avoiding sending sensitive communication
  • Ensuring proper distribution of insurance claims


If you are a Credit Provider, you can prevent identity thieves from opening new accounts if they obtain credit reports showing the real consumer has died. Identity thieves use the South African Identity numbers of deceased people to open credit cards, apply for cell phone contracts, loans and various other services.

If Credit Providers are aware of their customers deceased status
  • Businesses that ship goods on a regular basis can stop shipments after death once the death notice is received
  • Companies that provide utility services like telephone services can initiate a shut off process and at the same time obtain details of the new customer that will take over the service
  • Banks would be able to prevent the continued allocation of charges that are allocated to bank accounts after the death of an account holder and avoid inflating revenue costs that will never be realised
  • In the cases of unauthorised credit card usage and charges incurred, a persons authorisation does not survive their death and charges after death may not be collectible from the estate

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Protecting your brand name by avoiding sending sensitive communication

Credit Providers can avoid sending collection letters for non-payment. Most credit providers have specially trained consultants that can take over the communication function should a credit provider be aware of the death of a customer.

If Credit Providers are not aware of their customers deceased status you increase the chance of brand damage by leaving accounts with outsourced debt collectors who may lack the necessary empathy and understanding needed to handle the sensitive nature of a death.

Ensuring proper distribution of insurance claims

Insurance companies use deceased database update solutions to ensure beneficiaries of life insurance policies of decedents are paid promptly.

Insurers may also use this information to confirm decease status for claims purposes prior to distribution of funds.

The FSB (Financial Services board), make it compulsory for companies to intensify their efforts in keeping their customer databases up to date. The benefits are far reaching, if we just look at the unclaimed benefits challenges that Life Assurance and Retirement Funds face, it is a reality that;

  • Companies lose contact with their customers during the lifespan of the relationship for various reasons such as;
  • Policy Holders to not notify Life Assurance companies of changes to their contact details
  • Policy Holders die and there are no nominated beneficiaries or contact details are out of date
  • People forget that they took out a policy years ago and lose their policy documents

Dracore deliver Deceased Validation services across the following channels;

  • Batch Files
  • Web Service
  • Death Notice

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