• GIS and Spatial Modelling

More organisations understand the importance of geo-tagged data and the need for solutions that can  combine location data with business metrics to provide intelligent outputs that are beyond a simple map. The enablement of solutions in a spatial environment helps us to address important matters at the intersection of risk and finance, always grounded in a spatial context.

In a connected world, we are privy to an overload of data. With the right skills, data modelling and spatial awareness you can discover new metrics, trends and control mechanisms. Dracore is ready to partner with you to help you optimise your business and remain relevant in a dynamic business environment.

Through Dracore’s partner alliances, we deliver innovative spatial and risk products. With many years of experience in GIS Data building, spatial modelling, risk management  and Quantative finance enable our partners to combine their expertise with global insights and scale. Our solutions are delivered across a variety of mediums which include web and mobile API’s.

With deep experience in financial and non-financial risk management, including pricing and decision support combined with strong actuarial and spatial skills, we offer differentiated solutions across various industries

The enablement of solutions in a spatial context helps us address our client’s business projects across operations and finance. Using spacial datasets enables bespoke solutions like bulk geocoding of consumer data, demographic profile analysis and more.

Spatial Data

  • Global TomTom Data
  • Enhanced Census Demographic Data
  • Global Address Data
  • Traffic & Speed Profiles
  • Cadastral Data
  • Building Data
  • Deeds Data

Map Solutions

  • Hosted WMS Server
  • Local Hosted Map Servers
  • Web Browser Thin Client: Search, Routing Geo Fencing
  • MAP APIs

GEO Solutions

  • Geo-coding Real-time spatial processing from multiple sensors
  • Fleet Optimization
  • Telematics Solutions
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Spatial Complexity Analytics
  • Drive Time Analysis
  • Addressing Solutions

GEO Acturial

  • Actuarial Risk Indexing
  • Causal Risk Modelling
  • Insurance Advice
  • Credit Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Price Modelling
  • Model Validation

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